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This first issue marks the launch of our free recurring newsletter. In today’s review we dive into: our newsletter on Substack, a selection of new music, upcoming app updates, and how to get Jamzone on your Windows PC.

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Jamzone Review on Substack

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What will happen here? We hope to build a community of dedicated musicians that meet through a common passion for jamming. So in these publications, we’ll share our experiences, talk about what’s new on our app and discuss any topic we believe can help fellow musicians to progress faster in their careers.

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New Songs in Jamzone

Let’s start the Jamzone Review’s first edition…with music!

This past month we released more than 400 new songs on Jamzone!

Here are some of the most requested tracks you were waiting for:

Honky Tonk Women - Travis Tritt (1977, Country/Rock)

The Devil Went Down to Jamaica - Travis Meyer (1979, Country)

Take Her Off Your Hands - Midland (2021, Country)

Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love - B. J. Thomas (1983, Country)

Where Did We Go Wrong - L.T.D. (1980, Soul)

Cold Heart (PNAU remix) - Dua Lipa (2021, Pop)

Don't Go Yet - Camila Cabello (2021, Latin Pop)

What’s your favorite new song? Which would you like to see next? Let us know below in the comments!

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September App Updates

This month, we’re introducing two important features, bringing you some minor improvements and bug corrections.

Push Notifications

From now on, we can send you direct notifications to keep you posted about what’s new with Jamzone. To start receiving alerts about new music, credit offers, and more:

  1. Update the Jamzone App

  2. Next time you open the App and see “Jamzone Would Like To Send You Notifications”, click “Allow”

Note: We will never send you notifications while your app is open or active.

Personalization tools

We’d like to make our content and notifications as personal and useful as possible. To do so we have implemented some tracking features to help us understand the music and artists you like and give you better recommendations. To start receiving personalized content and notifications based on your music tastes and preferences:

  1. Update the Jamzone App

  2. Next time you open the App and see “Allow Jamzone to track your activity across other company apps and websites,” click “Allow.”

About our confidentiality policy

We will only collect your library content, search results, and mix settings to improve your Jamzone experience and help you discover more songs you may like.

Minor updates and corrections

  • You can now switch between Jamzone and any other media player (ex: Youtube, Spotify) seamlessly.

  • We fixed a small issue when using Search for a song with special characters (like ‘ & *).

  • We improved how chords are displayed to avoid overlaps on some songs with rapid changes.

  • The ‘NEW - SEE ALL LATEST’ playlist now displays songs in the same order across all devices.

How to get Jamzone on your Windows computer

Did you know? You can enjoy Jamzone on your Windows desktop or laptop by running our Android App using BlueStacks. Here's how.

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